A Rock Opera: Photos

Shannon Dolan as Lysistrata and Jim Rollins as The Governor.

Suzie Bohannon as Myrrhine, Shannon Dolan as Lysistrata, and Casey Leonard as Calonice.

The Battle.

The women can come out 'On Top.'

The women vow to withhold sex.

The Magistrate and his Ministers confront Lysistrata.

The women guarding the Treasury.

'Until you stop the war, you'll get nothing from me.'

Philo and Cinesias return home on leave.

The Reality of War Dance.

The government officials overlook the carnage in the War Dance.

'What are you talking about?'

The governor appeases the mob after Lysistrata's arrest.

Calonice sings, 'I Know I Still Love Him.'

Lysistrata convinces the Governor to end the war.

Another shot of The Battle in Act I.

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2004, David Hamilton & Mark D. Williams. All rights reserved.
Greek helmet graphic courtesy of Britannia, The Arthurian Society.
Production Photos by Pat Leonard-Heffner.
Promotional Photos by David Hamilton.