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Three Weeks

Lysistrataís War

Lake Tahoe Community College

A cast of both young and old work in harmony to address the senselessness of war amidst the power of love in this vibrant adaptation. Professional singing, dancing, miming and acting is headed by an impressive Shannon Dolan as the 'Athenian ladiesí leader, Lysistrata. Clever and punchy modern lyrics are delivered perfectly to the tune of popular melodies and with a fashionable Athenian wardrobe in a show that engulfs an hour and twenty minutes in the best way possible. The Greek world of corrupt politicians and ongoing war makes a relevant commentary on the terrorism that threatens society today, a message helped by a clever use of multimedia, giving a surprising sting in the tail. One warning: sex is the word!

C too, 4 - 13 Aug, 8:50pm (10:10pm), £8.50 (£7.50), fpp 122

tw rating: 4/5



Mon 8 Aug 2005
Lysistrata's War




BASED on Aristophanes' comedy, this is a fun, feisty production by Lake Tahoe Community College. Sparta and Athens are at war; everyone's tired of it, especially the women. What can they do to bring peace? Lysistrata has the answer: withhold the one thing their men can't live without. Sex.

This company aren't the best singers in the world but they make up for it in pace and attitude. The score, although simply arranged, has some catchy tunes and the cast attack it with gusto, if not with absolute accuracy. Songs such as On Top add a cheeky edge while more worthy efforts propound the relentless message that war is an exercise in hypocrisy.

The real stars of the show are Rhonda Keen, in the role of Calonice, and Matt Ault as Philo, Calonice's husband. Their storyline provides a darker edge to the plot and, while Keen's singing is leagues ahead of everyone else's, Ault is the most convincing actor on the stage.

Until 13 August. Today 8.50pm

Lysistrataís War

Cast of Lysistrata's War promoting the show on the Royal Mile.

Lake Tahoe Community College present Lysistrata's War. Demonstrations against wars are as prevalent today as ever. This show merges Greek tragedy, rock music and modern photographs of atrocities.

The Athenians and Spartans are at constant war, and apart from the wasteful killings, life is difficult for all. After a poignant nightmare Lysistrata, an Athenian woman, comes up with a plan to stop the war and bring the men home. As well as occupying the treasury stopping the flow of cash to the front, she persuades all the women of both nations to withhold all sexual favours to the men. This causes havoc and turns the ruling body against her. Will she succeed? Will the women hold out? Will the men stand for it.

The college have cast the show to the performers abilities and Shannon Dolan as Lysistrata holds the piece together well. Other performances worth noting are Melanie Zeid as an Athenian woman and Jesssica Howell as a Spartan woman.

The show is very interesting, well performed, beautifully costumed and they use the space in a constructive way.

(3 Stars)

Fringe Programme page number; 122
Company; Lake Tahoe Community College
VenueC Too St Columba's by the Castle
Venue number 4
Dates August 4th to 13th
Times 20-50 (8-50pm) to 22-10 (10-10pm)

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